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J.’s Ultimate 2021 Big Picture Playlist


Being a Salesforce Admin requires a unique set of skills. As time passes, more and more features and functionality are released, and because the Salesforce Platform is so flexible, you may find yourself supporting business processes that don’t fit neatly with concepts like sales and service. Perhaps you find yourself supporting new business processes like revenue operations, release management, or IT ticketing.

Because Salesforce Admins can have a wide and deep impact on business efficiency, I find it helpful to focus on strategic thinking, both in how an org is configured and how we approach our careers.

So, I’ve put together some of my favorite 2021 pieces of content that support this kind of big picture thinking below!

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How Salesforce Admins Can Benefit From Being a Mentor

What it covers: Join Michelle Hansen to explore the benefits of mentoring others as you mature in your own career.

Why I loved it: I love this article for two reasons. First, it focuses on supporting emerging voices in our ecosystem. A more capable community pays dividends to all of us. Second, as we mentor others, we learn more about how and why we make choices in business and technology. This kind of self-reflection is invaluable and directly impacts our personal success.

Read it here.

5 Tips to Get Fast and Helpful Answers in the Trailblazer Community

What it covers: Join J. Steadman (that’s me!) and learn how to get the best possible answers to your questions on the Trailblazer Community.

Why I loved it: Asking for help can be frustrating if you don’t feel understood. And answering questions can be challenging if you’re missing important information. This post includes helpful guidelines for posting to ensure everyone has what they need to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Read it here.

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Design and Build Apps Fast for #AwesomeAdmins

What it covers: An overview of all the current features of App Builder, including the new Dynamic Interactions!

Why I loved it: This episode does a great job of exploring a business case and combining the UX features of Salesforce into a valuable application.

Watch it on Salesforce+ here.

Automate Apps Fast for #AwesomeAdmins

What it covers: An overview of all the current (and some future) automation features!

Why I loved it: This episode explores interesting use cases and got me thinking creatively about how I’d like to approach business workflow.

Watch it on Salesforce+ here.

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The Four Keys to a Successful Salesforce Implementation with Matt Skogman

What it covers: Mike is joined by Matt, a business leader and Salesforce customer, to discuss the keys to successful implementation.

Why I loved it: As Salesforce professionals, it’s vital that we understand our business stakeholders. Without business alignment, a Salesforce implementation can quickly fall apart. I adore content like this because it provides insight into a successful implementation!

Listen to it here.


What it covers: A whole lot of appreciation.

Why I loved it: It’s important to nourish the non-technical parts of our brains. I love this podcast because I think gratitude is a really important part of my life, and it was so lovely to learn what my peers are thankful for.

Listen to it here.

Remember to look at the big picture

It’s important to step back from the fine details of configuration from time to time and look at the big picture! Think of it like zooming out on the map as you take a journey. Sometimes, that view will reveal a more efficient, safer path! Your work as a Salesforce Admin is no different.

I hope you enjoy this playlist! If you find yourself inspired or have any reflections you’d like to share, please reach out. You can find me on Twitter at @j__mdt.

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