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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Dreamforce


Editor’s note: This post was updated on August 1, 2023, with the latest information and resources.

So you want to go to Dreamforce, but you don’t know how to convince your boss to send you? We’ve got you covered, #AwesomeAdmins!

Presenting your case to your boss doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. In fact, it should be easy. Dreamforce is the world’s largest software conference. It’s the perfect opportunity for hands-on learning, networking, and discovering breakthrough solutions for your business.

If you’re not sure how to approach your boss about Dreamforce, check out these three simple steps that will help you communicate the value of the conference and how it can drive success and innovation for your company.

Step 1: Outline the benefits for yourself and your company

The great thing about Dreamforce is that it’s an opportunity that can both transform your career and deliver business value. If your boss can see how this event will impact you individually, great! But if they can also see how this event will benefit the company as a whole, even better.

Grab a pen and start outlining exactly how attending Dreamforce will help you grow. Try answering these three questions to begin:

  • Which of the 14 admin skills from our Salesforce Admin Skills Kit will you focus on developing at Dreamforce?
  • How will this event positively affect a specific project or initiative you’re working on?
  • How will this event positively affect an initiative that’s planned for the upcoming year?

Next, outline how your attendance will impact the company. Think about what key learnings you could take away from the event that would help your business’ specific objectives. We recommend picking a few stats from the below list to support your reasoning.

Attendees at Salesforce events report that:

  • 93% learned something that helped solve a business challenge*
  • 93% learned something that created greater efficiencies or saved time*
  • 90% learned solutions or tools that could help better engage and/or connect with
  • 89% discovered a new tool or product that helped them or their business*
*Based on the 2023 Salesforce survey of 2,537 in-person Dreamforce 2022 attendees.

Step 2: Be prepared to offer details

Your boss is far more likely to sign off and send you to Dreamforce if you present your case with all the relevant details. The more details you can provide, the better.

So, share a breakdown of costs with them; for example:

  • Airfare: $
  • Transportation between airport and hotel: $
  • Hotel: $
  • Meals: $
  • Full conference registration fee: starting at $1,499

Note: If transportation cost is a concern, know that San Francisco has plenty of public transportation options to and from the airport. And once you’re in San Francisco, all of Dreamforce is walkable!

Once you’ve broken down the costs, it might also help to provide other specific information to your boss should they agree for you to go. A couple of ideas include:

  • A full list of sessions you plan on attending
  • A short list of companies and/or Trailblazers you plan to network with
  • A one-pager highlighting key takeaways (you’ll provide after you attend)

Step 3: Determine how you’ll present the information

You’ve got your case outlined and ready to go! Now what? It’s time to determine the best mode of communication to present this information to your boss. There’s no wrong or right way.

Some prefer an in-person conversation for this sort of ask, while others would like to see this all in writing (email, PowerPoint, or letter). Do what works best for your boss’s communication style!

If you do decide to write a letter or email, check out this handy template that includes most of the information we covered above.

On behalf of the entire Admin Relations team, we wish you luck and hope to see you in person at Dreamforce this year. Once you get sign-off to attend, be sure to register here, and don’t forget to tweet us @SalesforceAdmns or use #AwesomeAdmin to let us know you’re attending!

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