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Learn MOAR in Summer ’22 with Reports and Dashboards Enhancements 📊


Follow and complete a Learn MOAR Summer ’22 trailmix for admins or developers by July 31, 2022, 11:59 pm PT to earn a special community badge and be automatically entered for a chance to win one of five $200 USD Salesforce Certification vouchers. Restrictions apply. Learn how to participate and review the Official Rules by visiting the Trailhead Quests page.

Ready, set, reports!

Summer ’22 has some really rad reports and dashboards enhancements you should know about. As admins, reporting is one of our superpowers. I’ve heard many stories from admins who’ve created a dashboard, showed it to an executive stakeholder, and gotten an “Oh wow, that’s amazing!” reaction. Data analysis is a core admin skill, which is why you need to know about what’s new in the land of reports and dashboards.

Edit multiple fields on the report run page (GA)

Great news! This feature is now Generally Available (GA). This is perhaps one of my favorite reports innovations in a while because it’s such a huge timesaver. You can now make inline edits to multiple rows and columns and save all those changes with one click. Boom!

Choose the best report type when creating a new report (GA)

Another newly GA feature, the report type selector helps you choose the best report type based on recently used report types. This means you’ll be served standard and custom report types you use most often, including the fields and objects contained in each report type. Huge timesaver!

The report types category and details when creating a new report.

Manage reports and dashboards with the Analytics Home page (Beta)

One place to manage all your analytics in Salesforce? Yes, please! This new Beta feature gives your users one home base for all reports, dashboards, and CRM Analytics (if you have that enabled). This also means you can search, organize, and share more easily in a seamless and cohesive experience. Hooray for organization!

The Analytics Home experience.

This is the end of my reporting to you about the relevant reports and dashboards updates coming in Summer ’22, but your journey doesn’t end here. For details about these and more Summer ’22 release features, be sure to read Jen’s Summer ’22 mega blog and the release notes, and stay awesome!

Don’t forget to watch the Summer ’22 Admin Preview on May 20 during Release Readiness Live to see demos of a subset of these new, exciting features. And be sure to check out the Learn MOAR Summer ’22 for Admins Trailmix and follow along on the blog this week for more Learn MOAR!

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