New Video Series: Salesforce Admins Innovate with Prompt Builder


You solve business problems every day in your work as a Salesforce Admin. Whether you’re already using AI to lighten the load, or you’re not sure where to start, you can leverage many of your existing admin skills to build and deploy solutions with the Einstein 1 Platform.

Let’s start with Prompt Builder, a generative AI tool admins can use to activate prompts. Our new video series, “Salesforce Admins Innovate with Prompt Builder,” is designed to kickstart your journey with Prompt Builder, regardless of your experience level with AI. It will help you consider what challenges you can solve for your users and the many ways to unleash this tool’s potential.

Throughout four short videos, you’ll learn the basics of generative AI, how to design prompt templates grounded in your data, and how to build and deploy prompts in just five simple steps. Along the way, you’ll answer the question, “how will I use prompts in my Salesforce org?” and discover use cases to summarize account activities, write product descriptions, and more. By the end of the series, we hope you’ll feel equipped to put your knowledge into action and show us what you’ve #BuiltWithEinstein!

And the best part? All of the videos are grounded in skills you’re already using today, like process automation and problem solving.

Watch “Salesforce Admins Innovate with Prompt Builder” and learn everything you need to know to lead AI innovation at your organization.

Episode 1: Get Ready to Build Your First Prompt

Let’s start at the very beginning. Episode one gives you a high-level overview of how generative AI works, specifically through the Einstein 1 Platform and Prompt Builder. You’ll also see use cases and applications of Prompt Builder, and how to uncover opportunities to innovate with AI in your org.

Episode 2: Design Prompts Grounded in Your Data

It’s time to put your designer’s mindset to good use while increasing user productivity! This video teaches you how to design prompt templates grounded in your data to produce more relevant responses. You’ll also discover the four types of prompt templates that can be customized in Salesforce:

  • Sales Email
  • Field Generation
  • Record Summary
  • Flex

Episode 3: Build and Deploy Prompts in 5 Steps

Now for the fun part—building and deploying your own prompts! We’ve broken this process down into five key steps that resemble actions you would take when building any other solution in Salesforce. Think of this as another opportunity to put your admin skills to use.

  • Step 1: Understand the business problem.
  • Step 2: Create your prompt template.
  • Step 3: Ground with your CRM.
  • Step 4: Fine tune your prompt.
  • Step 5: Test and deploy.

Episode 4: Use a Field Generation Template to Summarize Customer Feedback

Ready to see Prompt Builder in action? In this video, we bring it all together using a Field Generation template to summarize customer feedback (and have some fun with limericks and emojis in the prompt!).

It’s your turn to innovate with Prompt Builder

Now that you’ve started your journey through the world of Prompt Builder, we hope you’re ready to try it out!

See how other Salesforce Admins are using Prompt Builder—and take it for a spin yourself—with the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest. It’s simple. You’ll build a prompt with Prompt Builder or an action with Copilot Builder and share your use case in a screen-recorded video on X or LinkedIn with the hashtag #BuiltWithEinstein. Show off your creative AI use cases to the community for a change to win* a Dreamforce pass or a custom #BuiltWithEinstein T-shirt! *Official rules apply. See the Trailblazer Quests page for full details and restrictions.

Learn more about the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest and be sure to complete it by June 30, 2024.


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