Intro to Service Cloud for Admins blog post

Intro to Service Cloud for Admins


What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is part of the Salesforce platform. It enables you to embed better, faster, more effective customer support right into your Salesforce instance. Plus, there are tons of amazing tools built in that allow #AwesomeAdmins to maximize how their users and agents experience the platform, in addition to helping them be even more productive. Admins can use these tools to create engaging experiences for their users which makes their jobs easier and allows them to provide the best service possible to customers.

So now you’re probably wondering, “OK, sounds great. But, HOW do we do this?” Well, if you’ve been leveraging features like macros, entitlements, workflows and approvals, cases, or dynamic page layouts then you’re already on your way to being a Service Cloud Admin!

The key to being an awesome Service Cloud Admin is to focus on the user experience because every minute counts when you’re a service agent and if Admins can reduce the time it takes to create, service, and close cases, they’re winning. We talked to Product Marketing Manager Purvi Desai and Product Manager Vince Pham about what you can do as an Admin to champion productivity for your service users.

How do you ensure that you are building experiences that drive productivity for your users? First, Purvi explains that you can take steps to customize for each user persona with custom apps and profiles. Conditional visibility for components is great for accomplishing this! Don’t forget to meet with your users early and often to get their feedback on how their tailored solutions are working. Another way to drive productivity is to make sure you’re giving quick access to key information. To help your users meet their differing goals and needs, provide contextual details and shortcuts to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Utilize tools such as pinned regions to keep things like contact info and case details visible at all times. Other examples of time-saving shortcuts are auto-launching related objects and enabling macros. Check out the demo of all of these in action below:

Vince Pham let us all in on a little secret: Macros are one of Service Cloud’s most overlooked features. But, you can (and definitely should!) tap into their power. So, what is a macro? It is a set of instructions on the UI that enable an agent to click on one button and run a whole bunch of frequently used tasks. Macros are awesome for automating commonly used workflows, saving time, and for creating centralized best practices for agents. Now, how do we make them more accessible? In Service Cloud you can create macros on your own with point and click tools! A great place to start is by asking “what are the top 5 actions you need to complete every day?” Everyone’s answer will be different, but some common use cases look like this:

Three use cases for macros outlined in three blue, rectangular boxes

You can check out the demo for macros here:

Watch the full webinar recording here .

There’s even more to Service Cloud! No matter how you like to learn, we have resources for you:

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