What Makes a Salesforce Admin Awesome?


If you’ve been on any of our social media channels, to any of our conferences and events, or talked to anyone at Salesforce, then you know that we love to explore and celebrate what makes Salesforce Administrators so awesome! And while we’ve asked many times, in many ways, we’ll never stop asking who you are, what makes you tick, and how we can best serve you the knowledge and insight you need to be a truly #AwesomeAdmin.

Friday, October 11 was no different. On Twitter we tweeted: “Happy #AwesomeAdmin Friday! 💙 End the week on a high note with us by sharing what three words you would use to describe yourself as an #AwesomeAdmin. Once you share, be sure to tag another #AwesomeAdmin so they can share, too!”

The responses given by the community were enlightening, thoughtful, and fun. So, we wanted to share a few of them with you to inspire you to think about which three words you’d use to describe yourself as a Salesforce Admin, and add them to the thread on Twitter.

Antonela Lula jumped in to share: “learner, trusted advisor, knowledgeable.” As the leader of Salesforce Saturday in Boston, she is certainly all three of those!

Krista Santucci’s response, “confident, curious, personable”, put a smile on our faces because it describes almost every #AwesomeAdmin out there!

And Jen Porter’s three words could also be an apt description of almost any Salesforce Admin you’ll meet online or in person. As it turns out, many who chimed in used “creative” as one of their words—like David, below!

David Nava also used “dedicated” and “customer/client-driven”. These two descriptors complement one another so nicely, don’t you think?

Perhaps Paarth is doing a lot of workflow reports these days… but still has a great sense of humor.

Marc Baizman, Senior Admin Evangelist at Salesforce, shared: “Creative Trailblazer therapist”.

Here’s “creative” again from Michelle Hansen, with “collaborative” and “supportive” nicely rounding out her three words. We love that so many #AwesomeAdmins embody these descriptors in wholistic ways that drive their businesses forward.

Rebecca Aichholzer shared a unique combination of “curious, logical, passionate”. Not only does it describe her (and many others) as an #AwesomeAdmin but also how they work, learn, and innovate!

Chris Harris is “thankful for Ohana!” So are we, Chris. So are we.

Brooke Bracy embodies the true spirit of an #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazer with her three words: “Be a Multiplier”. If you’re curious about Brooke’s declaration, you can check out more about BAM on Trailhead.

And last but certainly not least, Bash Din’s three words that remind us why we get up in the morning and do what we do each day: “Everything is Possible”.

We hope these posts have given you a jumping-off point to consider which three words you’d choose to describe yourself and your career as an #AwesomeAdmin. Please share them with us by adding to the thread on Twitter, and be on the lookout for more ways to celebrate what makes YOU an #AwesomeAdmin!

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