5 Ways to Connect at Dreamforce ‘19


The Admin Meadow at Dreamforce ’19 is the home base for #AwesomeAdmins. We’ve covered all the ways that Admins can learn, have fun, and give back in the Admin Meadow. Now, we’re diving into the opportunities that Admins have to connect with peers new and old. Keep reading to discover the spaces and places that Admins can use to connect and give back at #DF19.

Know where to find all of your #Awesomeadmin peers

What better way to get connected and inspired than joining up with all of your peers at the #AwesomeAdmin Keynote! On November 22 at 5 PM in Moscone North, Hall F, Parker Harris, LeeAnne Rimel, Josie Chiles, Mike Gerholdt, Steve Harris, Zarina Varley-Scott, and Karene-Sean Hines will ALL deliver an incredible keynote packed with live demos, practical tips, and fun!

Be sure to add it to your agenda!

Community Cove

Visit the Trailblazer Community Cove to meet Community Leaders and learn how you can get involved.

  • Join the #AwesomeAdmin Hour Meet & Greet every morning at 9 AM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Join other Meet & Greets to expand your network and enjoy fun activities such as the Sticker Swap and Bingo.
  • Visit the Community Kiosks to learn about all the ways you can get involved, like collaborating online, joining Community Groups, attending Community Conferences, and even starting your own Community Group.

Affinity group meet & greets in the Community Cove — Allies welcome and encouraged

Allyship is an incredible way to connect with your peers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Come by the Community Cove for any or all of the following Affinity Group Meet & Greets to learn from and support members of the Salesforce ecosystem from all backgrounds.

Black/Latinx/Indigenous and Allies Meet & Greet
Come say hello to fellow Black/Latinx/Indigenous leaders and allies from initiatives like PepUp Tech, WIT Diversity, and Representation Matters.
Women in Tech and Allies Meet & Greet
Come say hello to fellow Women in Tech leaders and allies from WIT initiatives like WITness Success, WITDevs, RAD Women, and Ladies Be Architects.
LGBTQIA+ Trailblazers and Allies Meet & Greet
Come say hello to fellow LGBTQIA+ leaders and allies from initiatives like MGPdoesTrailhead, TheTrevorProject, ITEquality, and #TransformTech.
Accessibility & Disability Trailblazers and Allies Meet & Greet
Come say hello to fellow accessibility and disability leaders and allies from initiatives like Admins with Disabilities, Salesforce’s Accessibility Team, and more.

Share your updates!

With so much excitement this week leading up to the big event, where do you share and connect about it? Many of you are already on Twitter, so be sure to use #AwesomeAdmin and #DF19 when you tweet about anything Dreamforce related. Additionally, you can like this tweet to subscribe for updates all week long while attending Dreamforce remotely or in person. If you’re not on Twitter yet, now is the perfect time to jump in! It’s an incredible tool to find and connect with #AwesomeAdmins from all over the world, and it’s a fun place to participate in discussion.

Another easy thing to do before arriving in San Francisco, or during Dreamforce if you plan to attend remotely, is to follow the Dreamforce Roll Call and Dreamforce for Admins Trailblazer Community Groups. These online groups at trailblazer.salesforce.com are spaces dedicated to Dreamforce, the Salesforce Community, and #AwesomeAdmins. We love them and use them frequently because they are full of Admins who are ready to help you out, make a new friend, and celebrate all the things that make Admins amazing!

Connect with Speakers

Whether this is your first Dreamforce or you’re a seasoned pro, this tip is a surefire way to get connected: Don’t be afraid to stick around after the session you’re attending (or presenting!) to ask a question or provide answers. Often, this is a great chance to meet and interact with speakers and community members who are your peers. Take this opportunity to discuss any further questions you have IRL, and be sure to exchange information—at least Twitter handles and emails—so you can follow up.

One easy tip for making networking a breeze? Follow the advice of a Dreamforce pro, Admin Evangelist Mike Gerholdt. Over the years, he’s shared many helpful pieces of practical knowledge. For instance, bring business cards, a pen, an extra charge cable and battery pack, and a light snack with you in a small bag or waist pack (don’t bring your backpack unless you really, really need it!). Lending one of the items above to another conference-goer in need is an easy icebreaker for striking up a conversation. You never know who you’ll have a chance to connect with while at Dreamforce, so come prepared and ready to put your best foot forward.

We can’t wait to see you in the Trailhead area at Moscone West this year at Dreamforce!

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