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6 TrailblazerDX ’22 Takeaways for Salesforce Admins


Two weeks ago, TrailblazerDX returned, marking our first big in-person event together in more than 800 days! The energy, enthusiasm, and excitement on-site was equally matched by those joining us on Salesforce+, with two full days of content, connection, and collaboration.

From keynotes to campfires and everything in between, TDX ’22 was full of knowledge and the opportunity to continue learning long after the event ended. ?

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for those who joined us in person and on Salesforce+. We loved connecting with you, and we also loved all the new content—of which there was plenty! In case you missed a session, or just want a refresher, we’ve recapped our top six moments for admins from TDX ’22. And in case you want to see more than our top six, you can catch more content anytime, anywhere on Salesforce+.

#Flownatics assemble! ?

The Main Keynote focused on a tool our #AwesomeAdmin community is already passionate about: Flow! As our admin community knows, automation saves time—and as the saying goes, time is money. As announced before TDX, Flow now delivers more than 1 trillion monthly automations, saving our customers $2 trillion dollars. And so much of this time and money saved is attributed to our #AwesomeAdmin and developer communities working their magic to create truly time-saving automations. And now, the whole Salesforce ecosystem is ready to embrace Flow!

The coolest part of the Main Keynote demo (in our humble opinion!) showed Flow natively and simply integrated with Slack, which we dove into in our recent blog. In this era of digital transformation and flexible work, our vision to bring together low-code automation with a Digital HQ deeply resonated with admins we spoke with, who already feel passionate about Flow.

And in case there was any doubt about the excitement for Flow and expanding the Automation Suite at Salesforce, the love was put to music! ?

Image of Astro waving a wand and pointing to different elements of Flow.

What’s an Admin Configuration Kit? ?

One of the most popular sessions for #AwesomeAdmins at TDX ’22 helped to answer this exact question! The session was expertly led by J. Steadman (author of this blog post introducing the Admin Configuration Kit), who walked admins, developers, and architects through the kit, specifically focused on Security & Visibility—one of our community’s most frequently searched topics.

J. Steadman leading a session at TDX '22.

The session focused on step-by-step instructions to configure security and access settings for different users in a hands-on way, to help admins troubleshoot, set up, and design security and access configuration. We know that time is an admin’s most precious commodity. Our objective in creating this first Configuration Kit was for it to serve as a reference as you design and configure. A link to download the kit can be found here; we’d love to hear your feedback! ?

Build Fast ?‍♀️ with Low Code ?

As our #AwesomeAdmin community knows, one of the keys to platform success is building innovative solutions and automations quickly—and building them well. Automations take work, but when they’re done well, it can feel like magic. Automagic.

As we heard in the Build Fast with the Salesforce Platform keynote with Patrick Stokes, it’s about not only the Salesforce Platform but also Customer 360. Everyone in your organization using the platform across different clouds presents an opportunity to connect customer moments, all powered by Flow.

Patrick Stokes wearing a #Flownatic shirt and presenting during the Build Fast with the Salesforce Platform keynote.

As evidenced by Patrick’s #flownatic T-shirt, the team has been busy reimagining the ways Flow can play a role across the customer experience. By adding Slack, integrations to MuleSoft, Orchestration, and ? Testing ? to Flow, the platform can seamlessly (and more importantly, quickly) do the things you need, the way they need to be done.

As shown by Monica Roberts, great experiences are made possible with two critical resources: tools and time, powered by Flow. Less than half of our time is being spent on innovating, because it’s being spent on so many other things, like onboarding, manual tasks, and increased responsibilities. Compounding on our time challenges, as Michael Richards shared with us, 70% of business leaders spend up to three hours per day on mundane tasks. By using Flow for creating dynamic actions, building apps, and automating processes, you’ll be able to create sharable Tableau dashboards, automation within Slack to create channels and templates, and data monitoring via policy alerts to help alleviate the time spent on manual tasks.

As we saw in the keynote, Flow adds a little bit of automagic to all types of organizations, from tech to ecommerce to nonprofit and everything in between!

For more low-code resources specifically for admins, check out our low-code blog post from earlier this year!

Ask the Experts: Build Fast with the Salesforce Platform ?️

“I. Love. Flow.” This perfect quote, courtesy of Sarah Franklin, totally encapsulates how we feel about the focus on Flow at TDX this year! Following the Build Fast with the Salesforce Platform keynote, we were joined by a panel to dig into some of the topics introduced during the session, highlighting what’s possible with Flow and the future of automation at Salesforce. In this Ask the Experts session, our panel discussed what they’re most excited about.

Image of the Ask the Experts: Build Fast with the Salesforce Platform panel.

Here’s a sneak peek at our favorite Flow enhancements:

  1. Testing! Its not just about building more flows (though we’re excited about that too!) but also about the ability to test flows before they launch, to ensure they’re accurate, scalable, and sustainable.
  2. User access control. Specifically, the ability to expire permission sets and permission set groups (among other things) and reporting around permissions.
  3. Dynamic Forms. As shared with us in the IdeaExchange, Dynamic Forms will be available for standard objects versus custom objects.

True to the Core ?

True to the Core is a perennial audience favorite, and it’s also one of our favorite sessions because it helps us connect with YOU. At 12 years running, this session has always been our chance to listen to you, hear you, come together, and talk in person.

As you’ll see from the session on Salesforce+, we actually added time to this year’s session to make sure we could answer as many questions as possible! As always, we encourage you to ask questions and give us feedback on the IdeaExchange; we really do gain an understanding of what we need to be working on, based on what you need.

Panel of speakers at True to the Core.

Good stuff, no fluff! ?

And lastly—but in our opinion, probably the most important!—in our effort to always provide the most useful and usable content for our community, we launched the ➡️ Admin Skills Kit ⬅️ with a featured session at TDX to highlight the content. This kit includes 14 (yes, 14!) admin skills such as problem solving, product management, user management, business analysis, and more, with examples of how to represent these skills on a resume and in a job description. It truly is a comprehensive guide to understanding the core skills that make our #AwesomeAdmins truly awesome. Meant to be a guide for all audiences—from hiring managers looking for their admin, to job seekers, to admins looking to grow their careers, update their resume, or (as we actually heard at TDX!) ask their boss for a raise—this is THE guide.

Phew! Like we mentioned, there was a TON of useful content! As we start to look forward to Dreamforce (Save the date if you haven’t yet!), we’re so excited to keep sharing practical, applicable, and hands-on info for our #AwesomeAdmin community to keep building Flow and automation skills and expertise!

Group selfie of Salesforce Admins at TrailblazerDX.

Whether you’re new to Flow or a seasoned expert, you’ll find great content both on Salesforce+ and the Admin blog to stay connected with us on all things automation.

Last note: just in case you’re like us and want to plan your calendar ahead, TrailblazerDX 2023 will take place June 21-22, 2023 in San Francisco!


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